As an English teacher, you may have many methods and ways to develop the learners’ skill on writing. But you must be creative when applying activities and ideas in writing class. You may use media in class before start the lesson. The media can be music, picture, visual aid, etc.

Suppose you will teach your students about how to write recount text.

Firstly, you can start your class by giving warm up or ice breaking.

Secondly, give students questions suppose like what did you do yesterday afternoon, what did you do two days ago, etc. Ask the students to share the answers with their partner.

Next, divide students into 4 groups. Give the students model of recount text. Ask them to underline past tense in the text. Still in the group, give them past tense exercise to know how far their understanding.

For the individual task, ask students to make a draft of the activities that they did on Sunday. Then ask them to describe the activities in two sentences using past tense (10 minutes). Ask students to exchange their work to the partner and check whether the past tense of their partner is correct or not. Ask them to give commentary to their partner’s work.

The activity above is just one activity from many activities. You can improve it or create new activity that relates to your students’ condition but try it on! 🙂

you can click here!


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